Local SEO Services San Diego Businesses Should Use

How big is local SEO? What are the local SEO services San Diego businesses should be using today? If you want to know how big of a deal local SEO is, just study the statistics surrounding the topic. 78% of shoppers who make a local search on mobile end up buying a product offline. 71% of shoppers say that before they go shopping, they look up local businesses online. Interestingly, when people type in a search engine query looking for local businesses, at least 70% skip the paid results and go straight to the organic results.

If you are currently not using local SEO for your San Diego business, you are missing out greatly. Below are the key local SEO services San Diego businesses should be using:

Google My Business Listings

Google My Business is a service by Google to allow businesses to list their businesses online through Google. Of the signals that Google pays most attention to when determining local SEO search results, Google My Business signals are the most important. In fact, according to Moz, these signals account for up to 25% of all local search ranking signals in 2018.

Link Building

Link building remains a critical part of SEO. No reputable SEO services San Diego businesses trust don’t offer link building as part of their local SEO package. You want to make sure that the SEO service you hire only builds high-quality links from trustworthy domains.


Setting up the architecture to get high-quality reviews from fans is one of the critical local SEO services San Diego businesses should use. Google pays a lot of attention on the reviews customers leave for your business. Some of the things Google considers include:

  • How many reviews there are
  • How often you get the reviews
  • The diversity of the reviews

On-Page Optimization

Technically, search engines rank web pages and not websites. When a user clicks a link on a search engine, they are directed to a particular page on a given website. Not all the pages on your website will rank high on Google. You should spend your energy on optimizing a few pages that can rank well.

Google uses page-specific metrics when determining which pages to rank high. These metrics are called on-page factors. Some of the on-page factors that relate to local search include:

  • A clear business name
  • Presence of an address
  • Presence of a phone number
  • Use of relevant keywords in titles and other text in the page