Tracking and Personalization: the Power of Digital Marketing in San Diego

Digital marketing has made it possible to make gains in branding and marketing that were only available to big brands with huge budgets before internet usage became so popular. Small businesses can take advantage of the power of digital marketing in San Diego to get new customers, re-market to these customers, and to build brand loyalty.

Digital marketing in San Diego for small businesses as a way to reach new clients and retain them is an avenue that is available to practically all business owners as long as they have an internet connection. Below are some of the powerful ways small businesses can utilize digital marketing in San Diego:



Offline marketing offers very limited opportunities to gauge how prospects are responding to your marketing messages. With digital marketing, you can track which messages prospects are responding best to and know in real time how your marketing campaign is doing.

Most business owners don’t use most of the tracking opportunities digital marketing affords their marketing teams. Some of the things you can track include:

  • The number of visitors each digital marketing channel is driving to your website
  • How much time people spend on your website and the pages they visit the most
  • New vs. returning visitors
  • Where in the sales funnel prospects drop out
  • Your conversion rates – a rate which measures the percentage of visitors that perform a predetermined task e.g. signing up for a mailing list
  • The lifetime value of a customer
  • How much each click from a CPC campaign is costing you
  • The ROI of each digital marketing channel

The more metrics you track, the more information you have to fine-tune your offers, landing pages, products, and other critical things that influence customer buying behavior. Tracking all the important metrics is a critical thing to do if you want to make it big with digital marketing in San Diego.


Personalization of Offers

Did you know digital marketing can allow you to send highly personalized ads to all the segments of the market that you are targeting? You can do this with total accuracy based on the targeting options that PPC providers such as Facebook and Google provide.

Also, personalization can be extended even after a customer has visited your website. Based on their behavior on your website, you can send them personalized ad according to the pages they viewed, the products in the cart they abandoned, the specific store they checked into in San Diego if they made it to a physical store, and according to various other metrics. Facebook and Google particularly offer businesses amazing retargeting options.

For a local business, tracking and personalization can give you the edge over other businesses using digital marketing in San Diego. You will know your local customers like the back of your hands. The data can be easily collected. Once you know how to use the data to drive personalized messages according to the San Diego residents you are targeting, you will be pretty much unstoppable.