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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing overview

Social Media Marketing Easy

89% of small businesses find that social media helps them gain exposure and increase their web traffic, yet 31% say they don’t know how to use social effectively or “don’t know what to post”.

Managing multiple social networks is difficult, which is why we developed Social Marketing: the easiest platform to build your social presence and find new leads..

Post to Multiple social channels

Publish content to multiple social sites with the push of a button

  • Schedule posts days or weeks ahead of time (“set-it-and-forget-it”)
  • Receive notifications when customers comment on your Facebook posts, mentions you on Twitter or writes on your Google+ profile

Track Performance across profile

Receive real time insights into your social profiles

  • Track growth across channels from one dashboard
  • Monitor changes in Facebook, and Twitter reach
  • See the growth in fans and followers from social campaigns

Find real time leads

Every day, millions of consumers declare their buying intentions on social media. Now you can join the conversation.

  • By setting up a list of words and phrases, you can find customers in your area who are looking for your products or services and start an immediate conversation
  • The system will automatically record all conversations for future viewing

Never Run Out of Interesting Content

In order to create a successful following on social media, every post needs to have value

  • With our Interesting Content tab, you set up RSS feeds relating to your industry giving you access to hundreds of industry-specific articles
  • All you have to do is re-post the articles
  • Imagine you run a vegan restaurant. You can easily search for vegan recipes and then re-post them to your social profiles


Running a successful social media channel is hard work. Social Marketing automates the process by helping you build your audience and generate quality leads.