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Pay-Per-Click Management

The biggest mistake people make with Google Adwords is bidding on expensive keywords that have the highest search volume. Not all of those people are your target demographic and you are paying a premium to target all of them.

Rather than spending money on costly competitive keywords, why not focus on more specific (long tail) keywords that deliver more of your target market?

Our google adwords advertising campaigns are designed to deliver results, not simply traffic volume.

Advanced campaign settings and geo-targeting are customized to make sure you are reaching potential customers at exactly the right time.

We make sure you receive the maximum return on your advertising investment.

Our pay-per-click
campaigns consist of the
three following phases:

  1. Discovery
  2. Account Development and Strategy
  3. On-Going Account Management
PPC Management San Diego - Equity Web Solutions

1. Discovery

The first step is a thorough review of your company. We want to know and understand what you do, so we can design and implement the most effective ad campaigns for your business. Our team will also review your competitors, your industry and customers, as well as identify marketing strategies and possible challenges for the pay-per-click campaign. We reach your target demographic in a myriad of ways and identify a exhaustive list of targeted keywords, which lowers your average cost-per-conversion.


  • Kickoff Meeting – Review of company (business model), competitors, customers; define all goals
  • Website audit and competitor website audit (high ranking sites only)
  • Review and analysis of any already established pay-per-click campaigns
  • Set appropriate ad target locations and establish geographical timing
  • Detailed keyword research (including negative keywords), analysis, and selection
  • Research approximate ad spend
  • Develop keywords in excel spreadsheet
  • Establish paid search marketing initiatives and goals
  • Identify baseline metrics
PPC Account Strategy San Diego - Equity Web Solutions


After we have completed a thorough research and analysis of your competitors and your company’s unique needs, your customized account will be created. We leverage our efforts by executing a strategy that is specifically tailored to your business.


  • Multiple brainstorming sessions to develop the initial pay-per-click strategy
  • Design and build ad campaigns and budgets, keyword categorization, ad group development, effective ad copy generation
  • Setup bid management and quality scores
  • Ads created may include: search ads (SEM), Google display network ads, remarketing & dynamic retargeting, banners ads, product listing advertising
  • Set budgeting tools
  • Review data from any previous pay-per-click campaigns
  • Tracking code installation for Google Analytics and pay-per-click conversion tracking
  • Campaign is adjusted based on analytics (data) and driven by performance
PPC Account Management - Equity Web Solutions


Staying on top of the platforms evolving interface, competitor’s ever-changing bids and your advertising budget requires ongoing attention. We track the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and make performance-based adjustments to maximize your return on investment. We will analyze results, adjust bids to maximize ROI, refine strategy as needed and keep accounts up-to-date by making valuable ongoing modifications.


  • Ongoing pay-per-click strategy development:
    • Daily monitoring of all ads with goal of minimizing cost-per-click expenses, while maximizing return on investment.
    • Continual bid &position monitoring to achieve desired results
    • Ongoing keyword performance analysis, additions &deletions
    • Ongoing ad copy analysis and testing
    • A/B testing
    • Quality score improvement
    • Continued conversion tracking analysis
    • Detailed pay-per-click reporting &analysis
  • Research search engine and pay-per-click industry trends and developments


    Review of your current online marketing practices and branding

    Suggestions for improving your online presence and boosting your sales

    Website page load time check

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