Partnerships to Skyrocket Social Media Marketing in San Diego

Small businesses doing social media marketing in San Diego have become pretty aggressive in their push to reach their target audiences. If you want to rise above the noise and gain an edge, stepping away from the computer screen to brainstorm unique strategies to reach your audience may be the most productive thing you have ever done. When you come up with an out-of-the-box strategy and relentlessly execute it, your efforts at social media marketing in San Diego will bear disproportionate fruits.

It is important to remember that even with digital marketing, marketing at its core is about connecting with real people. All those digits and numbers you see on the screen are real people with flesh and blood. If you can find a way to form partnerships in the real world and leverage those relationships on social media, you will be doing something very few people doing social media marketing in San Diego bother to do.

Below are some of the partnerships that can skyrocket your social media marketing efforts:


Targeting the Local Businesses in the Same Vertical

Right here in San Diego, there are local businesses who are not your competitors but who serve the same customers as you. Most businesses just starting out with social media marketing in San Diego make the mistake of approaching their competitors to give them shoutouts in order to gain traction. Even worse, they try to steal potential customers from their competitors’ pages.

What if I told you that you can easily get businesses with your ideal customer to promote your services on social media and have them do it for free? If you run a dog walking business, for instance, organizations that also serve your ideal customers but who are not in direct competition with you include veterinary services, dog shelters, and local stores selling dog food and treats. Instead of begging other dog walkers for shoutouts, approach these non-competing services and they will gladly promote you.


Influencer Marketing

Very local businesses take advantage of influencer marketing. They think it is out of their budget to approach local influencers to promote their businesses. An even bigger mistake small businesses make is not appreciating the value people with modest followings on social media sites can add to their businesses.

You are a local business. The pool of customers you serve is local. If you can find a local who has 10,000 local San Diegans following them, the number of customers they can refer to your business beats the number an out-of-state celebrity with $100,000 followers will. What’s more, the services of the local San Diegan with 10,000 followers are incredibly cheap. You can get a shoutout for less than $100. If you find a handful of such people and build relationships with them, you will supercharge your social marketing in San Diego.